Conference: Seventh International Workshop on Simulation;
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Seventh International Workshop on Simulation

May 21-25, 2013 - Department of Statistical Sciences, Unit of Rimini
Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Italy

22/09/2018 23:29:45   harbor and lighthouse, Rimini - author E. Salvatori - photographic archives of the Province of Rimini 

Conference Information


The Unit of Rimini of the Department of Statistical Sciences of Bologna University in collaboration with the Department of Management and Engineering of the University of Padova, the Department of Statistical Modelling of Saint Petersburg State University and INFORMS Simulation Society are sponsoring the Seventh International Workshop on Simulation.

This international conference is devoted to statistical techniques in stochastic simulation, data collection and analysis of scientific experiments and studies representing broad areas of interest. All the previous Workshops took place in St. Petersburg (Russia). The first Workshop took place in May 1994, the second Workshop in June 1996, the third in June 1998, the fourth in June 2001, the fifth in June 2005 and the sixth in June 2009 (see

The Seventh International Workshop on Simulation will take place in the Rimini Campus of the University of Bologna in the historical centre of Rimini (see google maps). The scientific program will be carried out from May 21 to May 24, while May 25 will be devoted to social/free activities. A book of abstracts will be available at the beginning of the Conference.

Keynote speakers

Left Truncated and Right Censored Lifetime Data: Simulation and Analysis, N. Balakrishnan, Canada
Challenges in random variate generation, L. Devroye, Canada
Structure of Life Distributions, I. Olkin, USA

Organized sessions

New methodologies for clinical trials for small population groups H. Dette and R-D. Hilgers, Germany
Modelling Techniques in Biostatistics and Reliability I. Vonta, Greece
Optimal fixed and random experimental sizes D. Rasch, Germany
Experimental designs constructed by computers D. Rasch, Germany
Simulation-based Optimal Design W. Mueller, Austria
Design in computer and simulation experiments R. Schwabe, Germany, and L. Pronzato, France
Mixture of distributions for longitudinal data S. Minotti, Italy, and A. Ciampi, Canada
Randomization N. Heussen, Germany
Asymptotic Permutation Tests in Heteroscedastic Designs E. Brunner, Germany
Inference for response-adaptive design N. Flournoy, USA
Response Adaptive Randomization N. Flournoy, USA
Optimal Design and Simulations in Experimental Design N. Flournoy, USA
Queueing systems modelling E.V. Bulinskaya, Russia
Stochastic modelling in various applications E.V. Bulinskaya, Russia
Random walks and branching processes E.V. Bulinskaya, Russia
Ordered random variables and related topics V.B. Nevzorov, Russia
Nonstandard Statistical Models and their Application A. Andronov, Latvia
Special simulation problems S. Ermakov, Russia
Sequential nonparametric methods E. Rafajlovicz, Poland
Monte Carlo methods for nonlinear kinetics equations G. Mikhailov, S. Rogozinskyi, Russia
Monte Carlo methods for vector kinetics equations G. Mikhailov, S. Uchinov, Russia
Monte Carlo methods in optical probing B.A. Kargin, Russia
Numerical simulation of random fields with applications V.A. Ogorodnikov, Russia
Structural change detection and analysis of complex data A. Steland, Germany
Simulations and Computations for Parametric Goodness-of-fit Tests in Reliability and Survival Analysis M. Nikulin, France, and B. Lemeshko, Russia
Stochastic modeling in clinical trials V. Federov, USA, V. Anisimov, UK
Design of Experiments and Computing J. Stufken, USA
Developments in design of experiments J. Stufken, USA
Spatial, minimax, and discrimination designs S. Ghosh, USA
Complexity in statistical modeling S. Ghosh, USA
Simulation based Bayesian estimation of latent variable models C. Glas, The Netherlands
Advances in estimation of complex latent variable models S. Mignani, Italy
Copula methods and complex dependence S. Giannerini, Italy
Computer intensive methods and simulations for the analysis of longitudinal data A. Montanari, Italy
Topics in multilevel models C. Rampichini, Italy
Simulation issues for modelling ordinal data D. Piccolo, Italy
Simulation Tools and Methods in Hospital Management J. Ocaņa, Spain
Design of Experiments: algebra, geometry and simulation R. Fontana, Italy
Computer intensive techniques for time series analysis M. La Rocca, Italy
Some Interesting and Diverse Applications M. Johnson, USA

Confirmed speakers

Estimation of complex item response theory models using Bayesian simulation-based techniques C. Glas, The Netherlands
Theory and algorithm for clustering rows of a two-way contingency table C. Hirotsu, Japan
On consistency of permutation tests F. Pesarin, Italy
Model-free prediction intervals for regression and autoregression D. Politis, USA
Exact Nonparametric Monotonicity Tests K. Schlag, Austria

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The conference is scientifically sponsored by:

- Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Bologna

- Department of Management and Engineering,University of Padova

University of Bologna University of Padova
University of Bologna     University of Padua   

- Department of Statistical Modelling, Saint Petersburg State University

- INFORMS Simulation Society (USA)

- Italian Statistical Society
Saint Petersburg State University Simulation-Society    Societā Italiana di Statistica
Saint Petersburg State University            

The conference is sponsored by:

- Comune di Rimini

- Provincia di Rimini

- Regione Emilia-Romagna



March 1, 2013 : Abstract submission
April 1, 2013 : Early registration Expired

Contact information

You can send an e-mail to:
Dr. Stefano Bonnini
Dr. Mariagiulia Matteucci

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